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Rekindling Dreams: Transformation at a Retreat

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Attending a multi-day retreat provides a break from routine, allowing you to rediscover dreams and gain clarity. The challenge lies in maintaining momentum upon returning home. Strategies to stay inspired include creating a post-retreat action plan, daily rituals, mini-retreats, setting boundaries, celebrating small wins, and seeking professional support.

Your dreams can be rekindled and a transformative experience can happen at a retreat. But how do you maintain that feeling and momentum when you return home?

Attending a multi-day, in-person retreat can allow you to hit the pause button on your everyday routine, stop the overwhelm and overthinking, and dive deep into rescuing a long-lost dream.

Maybe you are in a new season of life. Your kids have moved out or gone away to school, your job may have downsized and let you go, or you have just decided its time for a change. Either you are forced into new circumstance or you have drawn your line in the sand and don’t want to waste anymore of your time.

You find yourself saying the same thing this year that you did last year, and you don’t want to be saying it again next year.

A retreat is a chance to reconnect with your passions, gain clarity, and leave with a renewed sense of purpose.

Getting away from our normal routines and responsibilities makes our brains think outside of the automatic box. It’s like trying to do everything with your non-dominant hand, you have to think about it.

Getting away to a different location stops the mental mind clutter of “normal”. A purposefully peaceful setting calms the noise we constantly live with, and allows you to let go of the expectations of others.

When I host my retreats, I am very intentional about the experience beginning the moment you say “yes” to yourself! It may be months before you physically arrive, but the excitement starts right away.

We are wired to look forward to good things; and the planning, packing, and anticipation is part of the experience.

One of the first things I do for my retreat attendees when they sign up is to send them a luggage tag in the (snail) mail. I want them to picture themselves there! Imagination is a powerful thing.

Being at home tends to keep us in our habits and limited time and resources; getting away opens our creativity.

Woman relaxing in a hammock at a transformation retreat engaging the senses of sight, sound, smell and touch.

I am very sensitive to experiencing a retreat that I am attending with all 5 of my senses, although those same senses at home may be “blind” to things I see, hear, smell, touch, and taste every day.

When I am hosting a retreat, I pay special attention to every detail to maximize my guest’s sensory experience.

  • Fresh flowers in your room
  • Cold beverages and snacks on arrival
  • Curated playlist
  • Pampering gifts in your Welcome Box
  • A calm and organized arrival plan

We feel special as if someone has gone out of their way to invest in us. We forget to do this for ourselves at home.

You have experienced the rediscovery of a forgotten dream and anticipated its rescue. The connections you have made and activities you engaged in have given you a burst of creative energy and sparked new ideas.

A newfound understanding of your goals and the steps needed to achieve them has given you clarity and the empowerment to make meaningful changes.

Nostalgia sets in on the final evening as you anticipate the retreat coming to an end and the return to “normal life” the next morning. You don’t want the camaraderie with the other women and the fond memories to end. Even now, your mind is pulling you back to “real life” and your to-do list.

Are you apprehensive, wondering if you can maintain the positive changes and insights once back in your routine?

Are you overwhelmed thinking about the struggle of balancing newfound dreams with existing responsibilities?

Remember the anticipation and excitement of attending the retreat way back at the beginning- there are strong feelings to sort through on both ends. There are definite steps and strategies to navigate returning home with a changed mindset.

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Before you leave the retreat, take the time to create a post-retreat action plan. Outline a step-by-step plan to integrate new habits and pursue your dream. Break down your goals into manageable tasks and set realistic deadlines.

  • Stay connected with retreat friends: Join a Facebook Group and have regular check-ins through online meetings or group chats. Provide each other with encouragement, community and accountability.
  • Daily rituals: Establish daily practices that remind you of your retreat experience. This could be a morning meditation, journaling, or dedicating a specific time each day to work on your dream.
  • Mini-retreats at home: Schedule regular “mini-retreats” for yourself. Whether it’s a quiet afternoon in a park, a weekend getaway, or a few hours of uninterrupted time, these moments can help you recharge and refocus.
  • Set boundaries: Communicate with your family and friends about your needs and goals. Set boundaries to ensure you have the time and space to work on your dream without constant interruptions.
  • Celebrate small wins: Acknowledge and celebrate each step forward, no matter how small. Celebrating progress can boost motivation and reinforce the positive changes you’re making.
  • Professional support: Consider working with a life coach or mentor who can provide guidance, support, and accountability as you navigate the post-retreat journey.

Investing in yourself at a multi-day retreat offers you a precious opportunity to step away from the chaos of daily life, rediscover forgotten dreams, and ignite a sense of purpose.

While returning home to responsibilities can be challenging, with the right strategies and support, you can keep the momentum going and turn your retreat-inspired insights into lasting change.

Embrace the journey, celebrate the progress, and remember that your dream is worth the effort.

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hey there, I'm valerie

Let’s help you find your voice so you can step into your next chapter with confidence.

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