ready to embrace change?

I can help you move forward and make sense of the big picture one piece at a time.

You want to feel useful, competent, needed. And you are good at a lot of things. But roles change; whether it's vocational burnout or changing family dynamics as your kids are now independent, or the changing seasons of life that are inevitable. You don’t need to be unsettled by uncertainty.

Uncertainty is uncomfortable. It also creates opportunity. Think of connecting the dots on a cluttered page or putting together a puzzle. There are many pieces that don’t seem to make sense until there is a pattern or framework, and even better, someone to work it out with you. 

What advice would you tell your “10 years younger self”? And what will your “future self” tell you 10 years from now? She’s not a stranger, she is your best you taking action now. 

1:1 Coaching

Been there, done that, now what?

I can help you clarify your ideas, passions, and experiences and work with you to see how it all fits together. We will overcome obstacles, whether physical or mental, to get you on the continuing path to your unique purpose. By acknowledging your past, addressing your changing roles, and anticipating what you can be in your next season; I will help you come up with a step-by-step plan toward your exciting future. 


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1:1 Coaching
3 pack

3- hour Intensive

1:1 Coaching
6 pack

Been there, done that, now what?
This package will help you get clear on where you want to go and how to get there...

In one session, you will gain a laser focused action plan to get you out of overthinking and on your way to your dream...

Looking for a complete pivot?
This package is for a mindset, skillset and toolset  evaluation and action plan start to finish...

Group Coaching Retreat

You are not alone, and you are not crazy, that’s just the noise talking.

You will spend 4 days gathering with a small group of women who are asking the same questions as you are. By sharing struggles and encouraging each other in the coach-led group sessions, you will see how your unique contribution matters.

You will relax and unwind, make new friends (or bring some with you!), have a day of QUIET REFLECTION to re-learn how to listen, and have a follow-up 1:1 coaching session post-retreat to strategize your next steps.

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