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Finding Your Purpose When Starting Over: Seasons Change

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Finding your purpose, where you fit, when starting over in a new season of life can be challenging. Remember, seasons are cyclical not a straight line or dead end.

Finding your purpose when starting over is a necessary step that will have to be explored time and again as your life season changes.

The change of seasons is inevitable and necessary, whether in nature or in life. Each season depends on the purpose and work of the one before it. It’s also preparation for the next one coming.

Sometimes we forget that seasons are cycles. They are not a straight line. They are not four segments that result in a dead end.

Starting Over: Characteristics of Life Seasons

Starting over is really better described as starting again. It doesn’t happen all at once- it’s a gradual process of moving from one to the next in the repeating cycle.

Pause and think about the seasons and use all 5 of your senses. Think about the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and touches of each one. Ok, we are women, add your 6th sense emotional response to each one!


close up photo of a bed of white flowers in Spring

When you think of spring, do you think of new beginnings? There is new growth and anticipation as the first buds appear on the trees, and new shoots push up through the earth. The birds are chirping, and the musty smell of damp dirt fills the air. The markets are stocked with asparagus, herbs, and daffodils. There is a chill in the morning and the dampness dissipates as the sun warms the fresh grass. It feels fresh.

This is also the season when things are the most vulnerable- unexpected frosts, pesky bugs, and weeds. A level of nurturing and protection is necessary that may not be as important in other seasons.

We often think of childhood and adolescence as the springtime of life where guidance and support are crucial. Being surrounded by good friends, good influences, and good mentors makes navigating this season successful.

You can experience springtime as middlessence, a season in midlife like adolescence, where self-doubt and readjustment are needed.

But now, you have the advantage of years of life experience. Your reference point may be just as uncertain because you haven’t done this season before. It’s just as important to have good friends, good influences, and a good mentor (Coach) to walk with you in this new season.

It’s time to find your voice, again. This is the time for you to unclutter your mind and do some spring cleaning on your negative self-talk. Get rid of the noise and don’t let someone else write your story.

It’s time to find your purpose when starting over because you are starting again in a new season.


stairs to ocean beach with green lush bushes

Summertime and the living is easy! There are more daylight hours and we feel energized. All of our senses are on high alert. We feel relaxed and casual, warmed by the sun, and surrounded by friends and family.

Weekends are filled with afternoon barbeques and evening bonfires. Vacation adventures most likely happen during this season. There is the sound of laughter as the kids splash in the pool.

As the kids grow up and move away from home, we miss the business of this season. Those impromptu gatherings with friends don’t seem to happen as easily as they used to.

We want friends to hang out with but it seems to take more effort now. Our lifestyle may have changed and we need to redefine where we are and what we want to do. We may have spent so long serving everyone else that we no longer feel needed.


Autunm colored leaves hang on rope

The lazy days and looser structure of summer gives way to getting back to school and back to routines. We all love the colors and scents of the fall season; orange and gold and red as the trees change colors. The crunch of dry leaves underfoot. A bit of a nip in the morning and evening air.

We crave warm, cozy and familiar things. Intimate gatherings with friends. Comfort food.

Change is in the air and when it comes along with a change in our life stage season it can feel uncertain instead of familiar. You knew how to play your Game of Life well, but then someone changed the rules.

The lives of the other players moved on and you are feeling left behind. Its time to dream a new dream, or resurrect a previous one that had been put on hold. Where do I want to be and what do I want to do next?


snow covered tree branch with outline of chalet in background

There is a certain wonder that only comes in winter. The days seem shorter (the winter days are still 24 hours) and darker. We just want to curl up in a nubby blanket with a steaming cup of peppermint tea and a good book in front of the fireplace.

We know that winter is a time for reflection and rest. It can also feel lonely and isolating. As we get older we can feel like there is nothing left to do except coast into the inevitable end of our usefulness.

This is a time to ask yourself what is holding you back. What are the obstacles and fears that stand in your way of living the rest of your life with purpose and intentionality?

Remember that during the winter season, there is a renewal going on behind the scenes. There is a preparation happening because Spring is on the way.

Are you struggling to find your voice in your new season of life? There are 5 key questions you need to ask yourself and then decide how you will embrace your new season. Get the free download here.

Let’s look forward to your next season and find your purpose when starting over.

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hey there, I'm valerie

Let’s help you find your voice so you can step into your next chapter with confidence.

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